Home Buying Process

Unfortunately, the recent attention in the news media on foreclosures, the housing market and predatory lending have cast a negative light on the home buying process.  Thankfully, the process itself can be greatly simplified through a little amount of planning and research.

In order to take the confusion and mystery out of the home buying process, YourKansasHome.org contains a step-by-step guide to the homeownership process that will explain in simple terms the items you will need to complete in order to navigate through the process.

In addition to the valuable information on the home buying process, YourKansasHome.org is also home to other valuable information on financial assistance programs that may be available to help you purchase a home, mortgage financing options available in the marketplace, a glossary of common real estate terms to familiarize you with the lingo of the industry and tips to avoid predatory lending.


Ten Steps to the Successful Completion of the Home Buying Process

Step 1:       Preparing Your Finances 

Step 2:       Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Loan    

Step 3:       Hiring a REALTOR®

Step 4:       Looking at Homes       

Step 5:       Choosing a Home

Step 6:       Making an Offer on the Home

Step 7:       Getting the Mortgage Loan

Step 8:       Getting Insurance

Step 9:       Closing the Loan

Step 10:    What’s Next?  Protecting Your Investment 

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