How to Choose a REALTOR®

If you would like to start this process and find a REALTOR®, the simplest method is to search a list of REALTORS® in your area by clicking here.  In many cases, buyers will interview several REALTORS® before selecting the one professional with whom they want to share their home buying experience.  Please click here to access a list of questions that you should ask any potential REALTOR®.

These interviews represent a good opportunity to consider such issues as experience, representation, training and professional designations.  In doing so, you should look for information about potential REALTORS® through multiple sources, including open houses, local advertising, websites, referrals from other REALTORS® and suggestions from trusted friends and neighbors.   

Once you have selected a REALTOR®, you will want to form an effective business relationship with them and establish the ground rules and expectations for your relationship.  Each REALTOR® will explain the representation options available to you, describe how he or she typically works with individuals and provide you with agency disclosure forms that describe the details of your business relationship.